Paso Robles Wine Country is Reopening

Paso Robles Wine Country has begun to reopen under Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent updates. Visitors to the wineries may be wondering if it is safe to visit Paso Robles wine country. While the decision to venture out is entirely up to you — everyone is responsible for his/her own safety — the businesses throughout Paso Robles wine country are adhering to the latest health and safety protocols and community-wide is doing everything possible to reduce the transmission of the virus.

When you choose to visit wineries in Paso Robles, you will be welcomed wholeheartedly, but just know that your visit will look a bit different. To help you navigate the new Paso Robles wine country experience, there are the guidelines outlined by the State that you can expect as Paso Robles wineries start to reopen for tasting and restaurants welcome guests to dine-in during the new reality of Covid-19.

The Welcome Back to Paso Robles Wine Country video highlights some of these guidelines while celebrating the beauty and diversity of the region. 



The Welcome Back to Paso Robles video features Paso Robles wine country winemakers, proprietors, restaurateurs, farmers, and overall characters of the region. They welcome back locals and other guests alike while touching on what wine tasting will look like in a safe and responsible environment.

“We are taking the safety protocols seriously,” says Malani Anderson, Turley Wine Cellars. “There will be physical distancing as we take advantage of our great outdoor spaces – as well as touch-less interactions with wine staff – but you’ll still get that wonderful and memorable taste of Paso Robles that you expect.”



As the Paso Robles wine community continues through its reopening efforts, new opportunities to savor wine country are sprung. The Downtown City Park Dining Experience is now open, which allows locals and guests to enjoy restaurants and wine in the Downtown City Park. A special portion of the park has been dedicated to this al fresco experience. Diners can reserve for free on Yelp and enjoy take-out meals from restaurants and local wine, which is permitted in the area. The greater community of Paso Robles has come together to support restaurants and wineries who are affected by Covid-19 physical distancing restrictions. A specially trained concierge team ensures that tables, chairs, and communal touch points are sanitized and ready for the next guest to relax in the comfort of Paso Robles wine country.