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Image courtesy of Ron Bez photography, www.ronbez.com

If you’ve been to Paso Robles in the fall, you know how beautiful and charming it is here. The countryside is beautiful when you’re out exploring and the shorter days means that even if you decide to eat dinner early, you still get to enjoy the historic downtown architecture and City Park decked out in holiday lights.

If you’re considering visiting Paso Robles soon, now is the perfect time – the tasting rooms are moving at a more relaxed pace since harvest is done; many of our local chefs are featuring amazing farm-fresh menu items for which to be grateful, a handful are even open on Thanksgiving; November 27th is the Downtown Lighting Ceremony; and shopping downtown feels Rockwellesque this time of year.

Most locals agree that fall is their favorite season in Paso Robles, with the beautiful quality of light, leaves changing colors, wonderful produce coming into season and the general hominess of this friendly town.

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