Mac and Cheese Festival! Yes, you heard that correctly.

by Shonna Howenstine

The idea for one of the most-buzzed-about new events in recent memory, the Gourmet Mac and Cheese Festival, came from a random epiphany at a local radio station.

The radio group had been mulling over ideas for a new event for over a year. They were looking for ways to give back to the community while helping their advertisers, but couldn’t seem to find the perfect radio-friendly idea.

Mac and cheese2Then one day Billboard Magazine arrived with the cover featuring the Father of Radio with a screaming title that said “MR. MARCONI SAYS CHEESE”. And just like that, a star was born.

The Paso Gourmet Mac and Cheese Festival will take place on August 25th at LeVigne Winery. 

As it turns out, over fifty Central Coast restaurants have macaroni and cheese on their menus, and 25 of them will be on hand to “throw the mac down” that day.

This is a contest where festival-goers win no matter what. Chefs will be vying for votes, and each attendee can vote for their three favorite versions of the classic dish. 

Since it’s Paso Robles, there will be 20 wineries on hand, plus a fire truck converted to a giant beer truck, the Ale-inator.

To keep you comfortable should the day be warm, misters will be in place throughout the festival space; Zoo To You is bringing in some exotic animals to make things even more interesting.  And since a radio station is throwing this party, there will of course be tons of great live music to groove to while you taste. 

This event happens Saturday, August 25th at Le Vigne Winery from 2-6 p.m.

You can get all of the yummy, gooey, musical details on the Gourmet Mac and Cheese Festival website,  Tickets are nearly sold out, this is going to be one fun party!   

The Gourmet Mac and Cheese Festival is brought to you by American General Media.

Shonna Howenstine is the Tourism Coordinator for the City of Paso Robles, which is way more fun than it sounds. She favors mac and cheese with browned bread crumbs on top paired with a nicely chilled white wine. She can be reached at