Indulge in All-Things-Olive at Paso’s Olive Festival

Paso’s majestic oaks may be the most prominent trees in this beautiful Central Coast wine region, but they are by no means the only ones worth knowing about. In fact, Paso Robles is home to an abundance of thriving olive orchards and olive oil producers. In celebration of this flourishing industry, the 12th Annual Paso Robles Olive Festival will return to the charming Downtown City Park on Saturday, August 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Image Credit: Paso Robles Olive Festival

As implied by the name, this popular event revolves around all-things-olive. Throughout the day, visitors will enjoy olive oil and olive tastings, a head-to-head chef competition, and free olive oil ice cream. Producers from all over California will also be present at the festival, enabling attendees to learn more about this fascinating industry and sample a variety of olive-related products.

Image Credit: Pasolivo

Since olive oil and olives are typically used to enhance the flavor of other dishes, the festival will include a Culinary Row where visitors can taste delicious offerings from gourmet food vendors. Attendees 21 and over can also enjoy wine and beer tastings with their meals for $15.

In addition to food-related activities, the festival features art galleries, garden items and more. While many of the above events are intended for an adult audience, the festival is a perfect outing for the whole family. Kids will love the face painting by Freckles the Clown and an array of children’s activities sponsored by the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District.

Image Credit: Paso Robles Olive Festival

Whether you’re a passionate fan of all-things-olive or simply looking for a fun and unique weekend activity, the Paso Robles Olive Festival is a great choice.

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