Harvest in Paso Robles: Calcareous Vineyard

Calcareousby Tina Swithin

I love harvest in Paso Robles.  It's where the magic happens!  I am actively following all of the local vineyards on Facebook and will be reporting back to you with all of the fun things that I find.

I am always intrigued by the "back stories" surrounding wineries so I did a little digging and wanted to share the story of Calcareous Vineyards

Calcareous_Estate ChardonnayFather and daughter Lloyd Messer and Dana Brown realized their dream of finding a place to express their passion for wine
in 2000, when they established Calcareous Vineyards on one of the
highest limestone plateaus on Paso Robles’ west side. Both Lloyd and
Dana, experienced wine distributors in
their native Iowa, recognized
that the west side of Paso Robles had potential to produce world class
wines. Their acquisition of 342 acres atop solid calcareous rock
reaching 1,800 feet above sea level confirmed their dedication to
producing the highest quality, terroir driven wines possible.  It is a
labor of love to cultivate fruit on this challenging land, but the
reward is immediately apparent when tasting the wines. 
Calcareous has
for over a decdade now, produced a collection
of world–class blends and varietal wines that exhibit Paso Robles’
Calcareous_Christy Litz
claim to being “distinct, different”. Lloyd passed on in 2006, and Dana
advances their vision with the help of her sister Erika.

You can find Calcareous Vineyards at
3430 Peachy Canyon Road in Paso Robles and their tasting room is open daily (11am-5pm). 


* Harvest photos courtesy of Calcareous Vineyard

If you want to experience Harvest Weekend in Paso Robles, mark your calendars for October 19-21st and head to Paso Robles for a weekend that you'll never forget! 

Tina Swithin is the Marketing Coordinator and Blog Manager for TravelPaso.com where she writes blog-a-licious articles about everything 'Paso Robles'.  Follow the Paso Robles Insider to get the inside scoop on all the haps in Paso Robles Wine Country.

Thanks Tina!! Happy Harvest and we'd love to see you and your readers up here on top of the world soon! Cheers :)
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