Fair Time is Family Time at the Adelaide Inn

Authored by: Bill Roof, General Manager Adelaide Inn

The California Mid-State Fair can and does cause quite a few anxious moments for hoteliers in and around Paso Robles: Will we have enough rooms available? What if we double book? If it’s hot, will the pool be too busy?

At the Adelaide Inn, we put all those worries aside and treat Fair Time like a family reunion! We are always excited to see the same faces year after year, and the new faces immediately feel like family.

There are two groups in particular that hold an extra special place for all of us at Adelaide Inn;  the 4H and FFA families who stay with us the second week of the Fair have become a welcomed tradition. We see the same remarkable folks every year. We watch their kids grow up, share our family photos, rejoice over winning Blue Ribbons, and see friendships grow and prosper.

Adelaide Inn has been family owned and operated by the Masia Family since 1961. Our fairgoer guests are a true extension of that family, this is why I view this time of year as a reunion. What brings the most joy to our staff and myself is the simplicity of kids having a blast at the pool all afternoon, barbecues in our picnic area every evening, and catching up on the past year with long time friends.

We fully appreciate the trust our guests have given us. Not just at Fair Time, but all year around.