Delicious, Fresh, Prepared Just for You!

Are you on the hunt for a killer meal? Paso Robles is full of unbelievably beautiful scenery, vineyards, and farms and many of the businesses in the area utilize the incredible surroundings to their advantage. Using locally-sourced ingredients in everything from culinary dishes and cocktails to olive oils and vinegars, companies in Paso know that everything they need is right there in their own back yard. 

This salad just screams “FRESH!”

Thomas Hill Organics on Park Street in Paso boasts an ever-changing menu that changes with the season and availability of ingredients. They work with local producers for almost everything on your plate: the beef, lamb, and free- range poultry are all local, natural and grass-fed; the fish is always fresh from local fisheries; and even the bread is made exclusively by in-town bakers. Even the cocktails feature fresh, local elements such as oranges and lavender. 

Truly as fresh as it gets.

Artisan on 12th Street redefines what it means to be homegrown. The Artisan team realizes how important it really is to support local farmers markets and businesses, and when an organic farm in Templeton, Calif. offered up some of their land to plant and tend their own garden, there was no way they could refuse. For a few years now, Artisan has been purchasing starter plants from Grown from the Heart at a local farmer’s market and growing their own tomatoes, squash, lettuce, chard and more. Guests to the restaurant can immediately recognize the delicious benefit of using home-grown produce.


Lime, Tangerine, Lemon, oh my!

If you’re looking to cook like a Paso chef at home, try one of the flavored olive oils from Pasolivo. For over 10 years, they have been producing world-class olive oils from their very own 45-acre orchard just a few miles from downtown Paso Robles. Olives are hand-picked and pressed within hours, producing the freshest oils you could ever hope to try. They produce a variety of flavors from simple extra virgin to tangerine to basil! Just think of the flavorful tangerine brownies you could make. They also make all-natural lotion and soap products made with local ingredients to soothe your skin. 

Seconds please!

Last, but certainly not least, Il Cortile Ristorante is a must-try when in Paso. This rustic Italian fine dining experience will leave you wondering why you ever ate anywhere else. What makes their dishes so delicious is that they source their specialty items from Italy, with many of the elements are from local farmer’s markets as well as local and regional California purveyors. Come get your hands on the vast array of homemade pastas, fresh seafood, top quality meats and antipasti. The brilliant Chef Santos is constantly searching for the finest ingredients to keep the menu exciting and new, and takes pride in making his pasta by hand daily.

Come experience the beauty that is Paso Robles, both in the landscapes and the locally-sourced ingredients of the culinary scene. Paso is proud to note that locals and visitors alike love to support local businesses, and what comes around goes around. This thriving community can’t wait for you to come see what they have to offer!