Art hits the walls of Paso Robles

We’re all aware Paso Robles is becoming increasingly known for its lovely wines, but how many know people know about the artistic treasures found in this delightful little town?

Operating Paso Robles’ Downtown Food and Wine tour, we offer our guests not just wonderful food and wine but also a peak behind the curtain to get a sense of what makes the town so very special.  Certainly the local art scene is high on the list.

While “Studios on the Park” is a “must see” for all visitors, there’s a new mural in town that deserves a view, too.  Wander on over to the Paso Robles Inn where right behind the restaurant you’ll find a colorful new mural depicting the animals and people of the winemaking process. This original work of art is titled “The Dawn of Paso Robles” and was created by local artist Steve Kalar. 

The mural stretches 25 feet by 30 feet, and is almost overwhelming in its ability to draw the viewer into its vibrant action-packed canvas. I found myself musing about the animals and grapes and wondering if this scene came purely from the artist’s imagination or if it was based on a specific location in the area. 

Hats off to the Paso Robles Inn for their sponsorship of this magnificent mural, and perhaps through their example we’ll see more of this type of art to follow. Meanwhile, when in town be sure to stop by the Paso Robles Inn at 1311 Spring Street to view our newest exhibition of public art.

Laura Gurreau

Central Coast Food Tours