Artisan's Pumpkin Soup

by Tina Swithin

When planning a Thanksgiving menu for my family, it pays to have friends in high places. This holiday season, I’ve reached out to several of my favorite restaurants in Paso Robles and asked for their favorite seasonal recipes.  Last week, Chef Chris Kobayashi of Artisan in Paso Robles, shared his recipe for pumpkin soup and with everything at Artisan, it’s sure to be amazing!

Top 10 Things That Happened in Paso Robles in 2012

There is always something going on in this town and 2012 offered some more-amazing-than-usual experiences and a couple of "firsts". Based on an unofficial poll, here are the  Top Ten coolest things that happened in the world of Paso Robles tourism in 2012:

Why Holiday Shopping in Paso Robles is Good for Humanity

by Shonna Howenstine

Over the course of the past few years, many of us have scaled back our holiday celebrations and gift giving. With more and more people concentrating on the joy of being with family and friends during the holidays, a heartwarming trend is emerging...

Thoughtfulness is back in style.

Paso’s Love Affair with the Olive Continues!

The Downtown Main Street Association hosts one of the tastiest days you’ll have all summer, bringing together regional olive producers who specialize in high-quality, artisan olive oils and products.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. olive specialists will offer free olive-oil tasting, free olive-oil ice cream, tasting seminars, cooking demonstrations, and a head-to-head chef cook-off in an outdoor kitchen stadium. There’s no admission charge.